Steam cells treatment of Cartilage and Osteoarthritis

Articular cartilage degeneration such as osteoarthritis is one of the most common causes of chronic pain, stiffness, and loss of joint movement in middle-aged and older population. The repair of the damaged cartilage using autologous chondrocytes is often compromised by their limited capacity for proliferation and the rapid loss of phenotype during ex vivo expansion. Alternatively, stem cells may be a promising cell source because of their high proliferation rate and ability to differentiate into chondrocytes. An effective differentiation platform is needed, however, to ensure the promise of stem cells for cartilage regeneration. Continue Reading »

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Condos for sale in Dubai

Condo Hotels are Hotels that offer ownership of it’s units to buyers. The concept of Condo Hotels is descendant from the time share system where owners can use their unit or put it into a pool for rental when the property is not in use. With condo hotels the property is generally fully furnished condominiums that are larger than average hotel rooms. When not in use, the property is overseen by the hotel’s management team who will handle the occupancy of the property along with housekeeping, and many more services detailed by the developer. Most Condo Hotels are located in cities like Miami, Las Vegas, and many other destinations where tourism rates are high but recently there are more and more condos for sale in Dubai. Browse the latest property investment offers: Continue Reading »

Company Implemented Multilayered Security Architecture on Managed Services Platform

ANEXIO, the leading “Desktop to Data Center” infrastructure-as-a-service company, today announced that is has been named one of the 10 best security companies in 2017 by CIO Bulletin. This recognition is due, in part, to ANEXIO’s ability to help customers securely accelerate their digital transformation by implementing a multilayered security architecture, driven by industry compliance standards, across the company’s managed services platform.

ANEXIO specializes in helping customers transition from their legacy IT environment to a more secure digital infrastructure. Companies transforming into digital enterprises typically share three characteristics:

1. Applications have become the revenue driver of their business

2. Users expect flawless experience from those applications

3. The security for these mission critical applications has become more complex

“Every day, more and more mid-market companies are becoming full-time digital enterprises,” said Tony Pompliano, ANEXIO President and CEO. “It’s an honor to receive this recognition from CIO Bulletin, but, even more importantly, it’s an honor to help our customers accelerate their digital transformation. ANEXIO is proud of the technology investments that we’ve made to help secure the experience of our digital end users against the ever-increasing security threats that all enterprises face in today’s connected world of applications, networks, data centers and hybrid clouds.”

ANEXIO understands that no two customer digital transformations are alike. Physical, logical and virtual security is woven into the fabric of ANEXIO’s offerings. The company’s phased migration process addresses the unique challenges of each customer:

1. Assessment Phase: Clarify the customer’s business objectives, understand the operational risks and then identify the migration path to the ANEXIO Cloud.

2. Decision Phase: ANEXIO experts create a comprehensive, end-to-end transition plan with special focus on security, performance, and zero downtime for the customer.

3. Implementation Phase: ANEXIO engineers work with the customer to finalize the migration schedule, provision the environment and then commence the migration to the ANEXIO cloud.

Customers interested in learning more about ANEXIO’s security portfolio or digital transformation capabilities can email and request a briefing.


ANEXIO is transforming the IT industry with Desktop to Data Center solutions designed specifically for customers seeking a smooth transition from legacy IT environments to a more efficient Hybrid Cloud infrastructure. The Inc. 500 company’s Mission Critical Infrastructure strategy is anchored by eight Tier III SOC-2 certified data centers, an IT solutions center and a nationwide IP Network. ANEXIO’s offerings include colocation, networking, Cloud services, storage, disaster recovery, Managed IT and Managed VoIP. Every ANEXIO product and service is backed up by United States-based customer support. Visit for more information.

Media Contact:

Amy Laukka
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